What is Wishwallet?

Wishwallet enables users to passively save for preselected purchases by rounding up card transactions to the nearest pound.

Think of it as your digital piggy bank!

Insufficient disposable income for shoppers, and the ‘shopping cart abandonment’ rate at 75% worldwide for retailers.

A passive saving solution, affording users what they want the most, and retailers capturing those otherwise missed sales.

We believe everyone should have the financial flexibility to afford the things they value the most.

How does it work?

Simply download the app, add item, browse, find the purchase, add to your Wishwallet and then carry on with your day, saving with every card-tap.

From day one, users will find a broad catalogue to choose from ranging from boutique brands to high street labels, travel, leisure, experiences, charities and more.

With our end-to-end payments provider, we’ll be working hard in the background to capture those contactless taps and debit card spends ensuring all of our users are confident in the knowledge that with each tap, they’re slowly but gradually chipping away at the things they want the most.


Customer registers with personal and banking details, browses and adds purchases to their personal Dashboard, and then starts to save their change with every tap.

Data Captured

Banking data captured to transfer change under Direct Debit mandate Into e-wallet. Once a week, sum of all roundups transferred from the customers’ bank account to Wishwallet virtual account.


Once the customer has saved the full value of a chosen purchase, they are prompted for final purchase approval.  For example, to buy £120 RayBan sunglasses.  


Wishwallet releases £120 from the customers’ virtual account directly to retailer, and delivery is processed in the usual way.


At the end of every month, each retailer is invoiced the pre-agreed fee of all transactions converted via Wishwallet.


If there are any refunds required, the customer will return the product and the retailer refunds the full value back into users Wishwallet account.

How the app will look?

Create your profile and link your bank account
Browse by retailer*
Browse by category then add to your Wishwallet
Personal dashboard
Boost your savings
Product settings
Your receipt
Share with all your friends
* This material is for demonstration only

The team behind Wishwallet

Marc, Abi & Drew bring over 40 years combined experience in Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Branding, Retail, Asset Management, Management Consultancy and Legal. Since the conception of Wishwallet, they have also teamed up with Kemp Marketing and mobile app developers Tappable.

Marc Labbett

Co-founder & CEO

Marc’s background stems from 10 years Tradelane Management and Executive Sales for a leading global shipping line, followed by Partnership at Uptown Consultants LLC charged with business development, branding, marketing and strategy. Now responsible for establishing essential out-of-house partnerships, and realising the dream that is Wishwallet!

Abi Labbett

Co-founder & COO

With over 15 years experience in retail asset management, Abi brings invaluable insight and perspective into the retail market. Abi currently writes and implements strategy around the success of retailers in a specific bricks & mortar location by analyzing both their brand and business model.

Drew Wilson


Drew brings over 10 years of Operations, Management and legal expertise to the table following former roles as Director of Operations (Houston) for Thomson Reuters, and position working for the US Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Sue Kemp


Founder and Director of Kemp Marketing, a Marketing Consultancy based in Surrey. Prior to this role, Sue worked for 20 years in the mobile industry holding Marketing Management positions at Nokia, Samsung Mobile and IBM.


App Developers

Award-winning UK-based app development agency, Tappable set themselves apart by not just creating amazing Apps and user experiences, but focusing in on product strategy, business goals and the core proposition. Tappable are equity partners in Wishwallet.

More than just a shopping app

The original idea was inspired by the wish to save for the shopping items from high street retailers.

Since inception, the use and application of Wishwallet has expanded to include anything that you wish to save for, this can include regular giving to charity, saving for your child’s school funds, money towards a dream holiday and much more.

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We’re looking forward to Wishwallet becoming a reality”.
M. Brigham, Director

Looking forward to working together!”.
J. Lachkovic, Head of Growth

“We see the benefit Wishwallet provides by ensuring change is well spent…we look forward to partnering up with this innovate, effective and essential app”.
O. Cantillon, Founder & Director

“A brilliant idea…a great answer to mounting debt…bound to be a hit across all age groups, particularly the young.”
S. Kemp, Founder & Trustee

“Looking forward to it!”
J. White, Commercial

“Love this idea and can’t wait to get started with Wishwallet!”
B. Jenkins, Owner

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